Dedication to the overall customer experience impacts every aspect of our dealings with clients.

Geoff & I would like to thank the PMD team for looking after us as always. I may be wrong, but I think it has been 20 years now.

Faye and Geoff

It has been a pleasure and a great comfort to have your team looking after us this year. It feels like a very big responsibility to me, ensuring the capital that Dad worked so hard to build is protected, preserved and wherever possible, built upon. I feel very fortunate to have you all on hand to guide me through. I know you have Mum's best interests at heart and that means everything.


Thank you - and the rest of your team - for all the support and advice you’ve continued to provide us with over the past year. We always appreciate your expert view and ability to find solutions, both at our regular reviews and when we come to you with issues that arise.

Peter and Louise

Thank you so much for your care and invaluable input into my life.

Absolutely essential !

Margaret E

Hi Roxy – I love being your client and I love our little chats.

Thanks for all your prompt help throughout the year.

Colleen Clarke

James has done excellent and amazing work on my portfolio and I know he will keep doing the best for me even when I go up north.

So please thank him for his dedicated work that he has done for over 20 years.

Gloria Grosser

The fact we are the third generation in our family to seek financial planning advice from Tim Donohue speaks volumes about the trust we have built with him and his team over the past twenty years. It also highlights how PMD have expertly catered for the differing goals amongst the three generations.

Tim and the team at PMD are highly personable and professional; answering any questions quickly and efficiently and ensuring dependable and knowledgeable relationships are built - important ingredients when securing your financial future.

Mandy Sullivan

Our relationship with PMD Financial Advisers commenced in the early nineties and is a partnership that has endured for over 25 years. Their management & advice during that time has been significant in securing our financial future.

Tim and his team have also given valuable advice and support to our 4 children and families. We expect our relationship to continue and prosper and wish PMD best wishes for the future.

Russell & Yvonne Stucki

"My heartiest congratulations on being officially recognised as one of our top Financial Advisers!

This is an honour well earned and as you know I have always known that you are a brilliant adviser, who really takes on board your clients' needs and gives great, broad minded advice."

Margaret Edwards

"What wonderful news for the entire PMD team and especially for Tim which is an exceptional honour for him and richly deserved. Please congratulate him on my behalf. To echo your own words all of us in the PMD family will feel an increased feeling of confidence in being part of a very successful organisation. An honour well deserved."

Diana English

"How wonderful for both Tim and the entire team there! Mark and I are honoured to have you guys managing our finances. Congratulations to you all, particularly Tim."

Slavka and Mark Winter

"Our sincere congratulations to James and the rest of the team, both Jen & myself couldn't be happier with the standard of service we receive and also the friendship's that you people provide."

John and Jenny Armstead


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